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Our original belt monitoring system relied upon inductance loops in the cover of the conveyor belt. This system was increasingly unreliable and maintenance having to be performed every shutdown to endeavour to keep it fully operational.

Investigation into the original system due to the continuous failures with other sites found that others had similar issues.

This original system was causing us significant downtime, and exposing our business to unacceptable risk. With escalating maintenance costs and exposure we started looking for other systems.

The BMS Series 1000 system provides us with information that was previously unavailable to us and a level of comfort that we had not had previous.

Now we can monitor belt wander, belt over and under width. The special designed idler frames is a key in the forcing changes in width which we tested extensively to ensure the system would operate as designed.

We have the ability to track and map the conveyor for its entire length every 250mm not 100 to 200 metres. Our risk of belt exposure has now been reduced significantly.

The system has been operating for 18 months providing protection with no downtime attributed to the system. We now have a system that is reliable and our workforce have an acceptance that when there is a trip there is a problem. Its ease in operation and understanding makes it user friendly for all.

Scott Duffy
Mining Industry - Maintenance Superintendent (acting)


Scott Duffy : Mining Industry - Maintenance Superintendent (acting)

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